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Supercell is the producer of the hit mobile games: Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach, and Hay Day. Based out of Helsinki, Finland, Supercell has offices in San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul, and Beijing.

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Adults-only 21+ War Clan

USAR (Urban Search And Rescue) had its foundation in another mobile game and is named for the fire rescue unit where one of our players still works. Our group comprises adult players who had joined forces to create a top team. In December 2013, we decided to seek out a better game and I discovered Clash of Clans. In January 2014, USAR moved to Clash of Clans in earnest with a solid group of dedicated players. Several months later, Supercell released Clan Wars and we found our niche. Today, we have over 400 Clan War wins and continue to battle non-stop. Our members are all adults, primarily from North America and Europe. We are efficient without fuss, big egos or oppressive rules. Our success depends on every player holding their own and giving their all to the team, every time and that's exactly what our players deliver.

Profile snapshot as of January 5, 2017

Clan snapshot as of January 5, 2017


The Other Guys Alliance



USAR is a worldwide, top 100 clan for war wins. Our current rank can be seen at

Adult ! AB


Adult ! AB is a mixed townhall clan with players TH9 and up. Visit them at

Second Fiddle


Second Fiddle is part of a family of adult clans run by one incredibly dedicated lady leader.



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